Preventive Dental Hygiene in Winnipeg

At Academy Dental Group in Winnipeg, we provide preventive dental procedures like regular checkups and cleanings to help our patients obtain and manage good oral health.

What is Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive Dental Hygiene includes attending regular dental exams, getting regular cleanings and maintaining a good care routine at home. These actions will help you take care of your overall oral health and prevent any issues before they begin. 

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Oral Examinations in Winnipeg

By taking a close look at your teeth, gums and bite during an oral exam your dentist can identify any issues, make a plan to treat them and help prevent any major issues in the future.  

Exams include a dental cleaning and dental X-rays and additional diagnostic procedures if needed.

Your dentist or hygienist will ask about your daily routines to help determine if any lifestyle factors may be affecting your oral health. They will also share advice for how to brush and floss to help you maintain a good practice between visits.

Professional Cleanings in Winnipeg

To begin your cleaning, your dental hygienist will use a scaler between your teeth and along your gum line to remove any tartar and plaque build-up. Next, your hygienist will use a polisher and grainy toothpaste to remove any remaining tartar and give your teeth a deep clean.

Lastly, your hygienist will floss between your teeth and gums leaving you with a fresh, clean smile. 

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