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In this blog our Winnipeg dentists share interesting tips and advice on how you can keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy and clean.

5 Things to Do When You Have a Dental Emergency

What should you do if you're experiencing a dental emergency? Our Winnipeg provide some words of advice on how to reduce pain - and potentially help your oral health - until you can see a dentist.

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What Happens When You Don't Have Dental Insurance

Dental care is key to our overall physical health, but some of us don’t have dental insurance that pays for routine cleanings, exams, procedures and emergencies. If this is the case for you, our SITEWIDE][LOCATION] dentists offer advice on what you can do.

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Knocked out teeth? Here's what to do in this emergency

What can you do if you’ve lost teeth due to trauma? This is considered a dental emergency. If you get to your Winnipeg dentist’s office soon enough, they may be able to save the tooth.

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Who's at risk for a dental emergency?

With age comes wisdom - but also risk when it comes to our oral health. Our lifestyle, medical and dental history and other factors can leave us more at risk for dental emergencies as we age. Our Winnipeg dentists explain who’s most at risk for a dental emergency, and what you can do to mitigate it.

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Signs You May Need a Tooth Extraction

Are there tell-tale signs that indicate the need for a tooth extraction? Our Winnipeg dentists list some symptoms - and what you should do next during this potential dental emergency.

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What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be a very uncomfortable experience. Today, our Winnipeg dentists list different types of dental emergencies and explain what to do if one happens to you.

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Dental Implant Surgery Steps

Replacing missing teeth is critical for good oral health. A dental implant may be required to support a tooth replacement by your dentist. Our Winnipeg dentists describe the dental implant procedure in this blog post.

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Recognizing the Symptoms of TMJ Pain

Are you experiencing headaches, limited jaw opening, facial pain, or neck and shoulder pain? Our Winnipeg dentists are here to explain why you might have a TMJ disorder.

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What is gum recontouring and reshaping?

In today's post, our Winnipeg dentists explain gum recontouring and gum reshaping and why people would need these procedures in the first place.

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3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

While problems related to the root and pulp of your tooth can only be diagnosed by a dentist, there are some symptoms you should look out for. Here, our Winnipeg dentists outline three signs that you may need a root canal.

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