Night Guards

At Academy Dental Group in Winnipeg, our dentists create custom-made mouth guards for night to help patients who grind or clench their teeth while they sleep.

What is a Night Guard?

A night guard helps protect your teeth from the effects of teeth grinding (bruxism) and Jaw Muscle Dysfunction (TMD). If you are experiencing a sore jaw, headaches or tooth sensitivity after sleep, ask your dentist if a night guard is right for you.

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Night Guards | Academy Dental Group

Custom Night Guards

Our dentists will create a custom night guard for you to fit your teeth exactly. Custom might guards are created from a digital scan taken of your teeth to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

Depending on the application, a night guard may be either a bite splint or a bite plane. 

If you grind your teeth, your night guard will act as a barrier to help protect your teeth from damaging each other while you sleep. If you have TMD, your night guard will help you from clenching your jaw and give you some pain relief.

Prevention and Protection

Custom night guards supplied at our Winnipeg dental office can help prevent any future dental problems, and protect your teeth and jaw from any damage while you sleep. 

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