3 Low-Sugar Holiday Treat Recipes

3 Low-Sugar Holiday Treat Recipes

You don’t need to pass up holiday treats just because you’re concerned about your dental health! Here, our dentists at Academy Dental Group in Winnipeg share three of their favourite low-sugar Christmas treat recipes.

Jammy Shortbread Cookies | The Kitchn

These jam-filled thumbprint cookies feature just a quarter cup of sugar for the whole recipe, not including the jam. Choose a low-sugar jam as well, and this is a treat you can feel good about.

Low Sugar Christmas Biscuits | BBC Food

With only 60g of sugar for 36 cookies, these simple but tasty cookies are great with spiced Christmas tea or a hot cup of coffee.

Easy Chocolate Mousse | Epicurious

Chocolate is a must during the holidays. Get your fix with this intensely flavoured, low sugar chocolate mousse.

We hope these recipes help you celebrate an oral-health friendly Christmas! And in the meantime, don't forget to book your post-holiday dental cleaning at Academy dental Group in Winnipeg!

Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season,

- The Academy Dental Group Team

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