Why I Became A Dentist: Dr. Ken Shek's Story

Why I Became A Dentist: Dr. Ken Shek's Story

Your River Heights dentist, Dr. Ken Shek, has been passionate about dentistry for almost 40 years! Learn about why he became became a dentist below. 

Listen To Your Mother! 

Thinking about what I would do when I graduated from high school, I had contemplated doing something in the medical field, but was not sure as to what area or discipline I should consider. I remember my mother coming home one day after having extensive dental work done and suggesting that I should consider becoming a dentist. As I began to look into the prospect of being a dentist, I became more and more intrigued with what dentistry had to offer. The rest is history!

One of my favorite things about dentistry is the ability to build great relationships with people while also having the ability to increase their quality of life. Whether it is treating a toothache, fixing a broken front tooth the day before a wedding, or doing a full cosmetic makeover, dentists have the ability to change peoples lives. It is, for me, the best part.

Another one of my favourite things about dentistry is that it is constantly evolving and allows me to fulfill my passion for learning. Over the last 33 plus years, science and technology have given us the ability to do so many more procedures and integrate dentistry with other health fields. Today, instead of just looking at teeth and gums we are looking at Oral Health and how it may relate to overall health. I am a huge fan of wellness or risk management as part of the philosophy that guides my practice for oral health and overall health. Some people have said that the mouth or oral cavity is the gateway for overall heath and nutrition. Eating those vegetables your mother told you to growing up really does help maintain overall health!

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! She knows more than you think!

My journey through dentistry of almost 40 years has been a privilege! It has allowed me to fulfill my passion for learning and meet so many wonderful people.

When I'm not involved in dentistry, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two sons. In the summer, we spend time at our summer cottage at Lake of The Woods and golf. In the winter, my interests change to hockey and downhill skiing.

- Dr. Ken Shek

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