Haiti Dental Mission: Day 5

Bon soir tout le monde,

Today Alexia and I were up to see the sunrise.  Akara was waiting for Alexia.  He was hit in the leg with a rock about 10 years ago and it still hasn't healed.  She debrides it every 3 months for him and hopefully it will eventually close. It doesn't want to heal due to a compromised immune system. 

I return to get dressed and find a huge spider in my bed.  We cannot catch it and it lies in wait somewhere!  Clinic begins slow today as our Benji arrives 1 hour late for education.  It backs up the flow to the clinic, but it is a valuable lesson to learn.  We have music and dancing dentists in the clinic.  It is a great atmosphere.

Lunch is a spinach polenta and of course.....avocados.  We are treated to cocoye (coconut) today, and kenep (very sweet juicy fruit).  We have a wonderful post clinic meeting. 

The solar cells have been taxed beyond their capacity, so we head down to the school to watch soccer (foutbol), while we charge our phones.  The boys have headed to the higher falls today, but they have earned it.  They hiked the water system to gather samples to test the quality of the water.  Stefan with his affinity for chemistry performed the tests.  He was in his glory. 

We have the chicken/ vegetable bouillon for dinner. Some local girls have prepared 3 special dances for us (Alexia brought the costumes).  They have practiced so hard and they are proud.  Wonderful performance.  The night is capped off with Uno as always.  The Rubic's Cube continues to float around.  Whoever can solve it, can keep it. 

Mandatory lights out at 8:00.  All power is shut down even with the attempt to charge the solar cells with a generator.  No fans tonight. Bon nuit.

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