Opening Timo's Education Centre!

I love sharing my stories about my mission trips with you. Stay tuned as I post weekly!

Hey everyone,

I thought that I’d update you on a mission that I did in January 2015. This was an unplanned mission for me, and thank you to all my patients for moving their appointments in my schedule to allow me to attend. It was a proud moment for me to watch this community envelop my sister to show their appreciation for everything that she has done and continues to do. My brother, John, joined the mission as well.

This was a very diverse mission and ultimately the grand opening of Timo’s Education Centre and “the passing of the gifts” (baby goats) from Heifer International. This education centre is not technically a school, but a building that would serve the community, as well as NGO’s, teaching them the new techniques that Timo has been taught. Once again, it was founded by WCHF and constructed by the people of Timo with help from American designers/builders. It is not owned by WCHF, but gifted to FPF/Timo. WCHF has accepted responsibility to guide, educate, fund the salaries, and provide maintenance for the centre for two years, after which FPF will take over for themselves. Here is a point form on what was accomplished in 1 week:

  • Opening ceremony and Heifer’s passing of the gift
  • Developed scholarship program
  • Initiated the Goat Pen project
  • Attained Legal status in Haiti - Permaculture Programs
  • Held Seed Cooperative Meeting
  • Had Dental Hygiene Education with the dental students
  • Trained the Trainer Workshop
  • Had Finance meeting with FPF
  • Established the Women’s Business Development Program (FAK)
  • Held Goat Breeding Meeting

I thoroughly enjoyed this mission as I was able to teach in a beautiful environment, be with my family, attend community meetings, and socially engage with the people of Timo in the evenings. Who knew that I could improve my Creole by playing and trash-talking during the card game ‘UNO”.

Keeping you posted,


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