Haiti Dental Mission: Day 4

Posted Sep 25th, 2016 in Monique's Journey

Hey everyone,

This is a rewrite.  My blog seems to have been whisked away.  We can't seem to remember all the details. 

Coffee without sugar was finally served. Everything is sweetened here, hence the decay. We asked the cooks for hot water for breakfast as we brought packages of hot cereal. The Haitians have never seen this before. 

Our interpreter Berry said, "I don't think that I can do this!"  Once they realized that it was sweet, it was OK.  Very hilariously dramatic. 

Clinic was difficult as patients were hard to freeze due to infection, difficult extractions and 1 less dentist  in the afternoon. 

Lunch was polenta and avocados.  Phuong and I took a break and went to see the school to alleviate the dentist's line-up. The women's group are happy and proud to be contributing to their school. 

Danielle organized the kids to pick up garbage.  Girls vs. Boys, everyone is a winner. I hike to the falls and join the boys.  It's incredible.  Supper is rice, bean sauce and egg plant ragu.  Delicious! 

Phuong and Belinda open their nail painting salon for the little girls in the evening.  Bedtime is 8:00.  We are exhausted!

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