Preparing for the upcoming dental mission

This is my last post before I head on my next mission. Stay tuned for stories from my upcoming trip to Timo!

Hey everyone,

Hope that you liked some of the history of my humanitarian missions. Just an update on Chelsea (my dental hygiene colleague from Texas): she decided to sell everything and move to the Clinique St. Espirit in Croix des Bouquets to volunteer for the year.

This mission to Timo will be great. I have not been in Timo for two years now and cannot wait to see change and growth in the community and the people. Currently, my sister and Grady are there. The roof is being placed on the school that WCHF is building. It is located just down from the education centre. I have his permission to include his photos.

Phuong, Belinda (dental assistant), and I will work together with our 3 graduated Haitian dentists (Guichard, Jean-Paul, and Daniel) and set up a dental education clinic in the education centre. The main goal of this mission is to teach the dentists how to plan, implement and succeed in hosting a dental clinic. This is something that they have never done and do not have any experience doing. Having them set a goal was a challenge. One could say it’s been “like pulling teeth”!

They are great learners, and are very excited to host this clinic. My son, Stefan, has completed the dental education Power Point. (big, big thanks to the teenagers who can zip through those things so easily J) One of the problems, especially with the children, is that if there isn’t any dental pain, then there isn’t any problem. In North America, we focus so much on prevention, and in Haiti, teeth are pulled when there’s pain.

We thought that we would have a community coloring/dental education contest. Everyone will have to sit through the Power Point presentation, correctly demonstrate the techniques of flossing and brushing, have an exam by the dentist (and treatment or hygiene if they want), and then will be able to fill out a ballot, or color the contest picture to enter the contest. Academy Dental Group and Fort Richmond Dental employees are filling up the bins for prizes. 

Newest development is that my son, Stefan, will be joining me for the first time. He has signed on to join the group who will be painting the new school. I’m still unsure about taking him out of school for a week considering it’s his grade 12 year; however, I believe the experience will be amazing for him and he can finally see what it’s all about. I will welcome his French language skills and he will find it easy to adapt to Creole.

A big thank you to my company DCC (Dental Corporation of Canada) for $300.00 in dental supplies, Oral B for toothbrush, paste, and floss donations, always Kathy from Germiphene, our co-workers and friends for prize donation, and of course, WCHF for sponsorship.

Keep you posted, and don’t forget to “like us” on Facebook.  My very best regards,


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