Haiti Dental Mission: Day 2

Posted Sep 25th, 2016 in Monique's Journey

Hello Everyone,

Everything went according to plan yesterday. We only had to pay the men at customs US$150.00 so they wouldn't open our 16 suitcases and backpacks. It's not like we weren't allowed to bring our items into the country, but we really didn't want to spend hours there and also repack everything.

We arrived at the hotel, had pizza and a meeting, bedtime 10:30. Worst sleep ever!! Breakfast was eggs, toast, fruit and the Haitians love, love, love this papaya shake.(not me) We stopped in Gressier to measure a lot, where WCHF is building a house/ office for their project manager, Estanly. It is this community where we will continue our work once we are finished in Timo.

We continued our ride up the mountain to Tom Gato. There we are dropped off and we hike down to Timo. Timo has widened and levelled out the path significantly, so it is not as dangerous of a hike. We set up our clinic at the education centre, organize supplies, test equipment, Powerpoint, review, job descriptions, etc., etc., and the dental clinic opens. Guichard, Jean-Paul, and Anderson are our newly graduated dentists. It is very hot, very humid, and very loud and chaotic. Lunch is a picalese salad, deep fried plantains, sweet potatoes and French fries. Culligan water and very sweet fresh juice. Supper is rice, beans, and marinated chicken legs with potatoes and carrots.

There are bucket showers for the girls as they work a bit later than the boys painting crew. The boys were able to bath in the small waterfall tonight. We are jealous, but tomorrow is another day. Belinda was able to play with the kids and do chalk drawings in the courtyard. We fall into bed between 8:00-9:00. I am so grateful for Phuong and Belinda's dedicated hard work, organization and support. Danielle and Alexia are still at the school in a meeting with FPF (Timo's community government).

The girls sleep in bunk beds in the centre, the guys on the floor in the centre, our interpreters in another bunk room, and the dentists on the floor of the new school. )2 min walk away)

I'm exhausted. Bon soir, bonne nuit.

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