Haiti Dental Mission: Day 8

Today was our last day in Timo. Even though there isn't a dental clinic, we are up with the sunrise once more. We have had an incredible week of weather.

About 35 degrees with no rain. Danielle gives out stick-on moustaches, and we proceed with our morning like nothing is different. As Danielle is finishing up many last minute things/ packing/meetings, Paul, Stefan, Phuong and I hike to the tallest tree in the middle of the valley.

Even though it is 8:30 in the morning, we are completely drenched!! The ladies painting crew has completely finished the school and has now begun repainting the education centre. They have done such an impressive job that Danielle has negotiated the team to paint a primary school in Timo that is currently being constructed by a partnership with WCHF and the nuns.

The cooks make us another delicious farewell soup and at 10:30 we hike once again up the mountain to Tom Gato. Saturday is market day. About a kilometre of street vendors. Amongst the chaos we purchase cold drinks and a "chemise pwop" (clean t-shirt) for Stefan.

The ride down to Gressier makes several team members queasy. We stop in Gressier to meet with the community leaders, to see if they'd like to partner with WCHF in the future. It looks promising.

We continue onto Carrefour to the Quebec au Berge hotel to spend the night before leaving at 5:00am to the airport. A long travel day ahead, but it will be great to be home. Did I mention the hotel has a small pool? Tim has an amazing farmers tan. We eat an enormous amount of pizza, salad and French fries. Lights out is 8:00. No problem there.

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