Haiti Dental Mission: Day 7

The roosters were awake at 4:30 as always.  Today was our last day of clinic.  Started it up at 6:30. Everything is very smooth.  We are having so much fun as a team and with the people of the community.

Pre-booking peoples appointments works very well.  This is the first time that we do this.  

Our lunch is one of our favourites.  It's a spicy pesto pasta with avocados and fresh oranges for dessert.  After lunch, Belinda breaks out some Robax hot/cold patches for our backs.  They are amazing.  The Haitians have never seen these.  Dr. Anderson says "I received this 5 days too late!"

We finish all of our patients and clinic finishes at 3:00.  Clean up/ pack up and inventory.  We organize the prizes for the contest at 6:00.  I have asked our cooks if they wanted a side job to provide food and drink for 50 people for this celebration.  Phuong, Belinda and I pay for this.  We want this completion of the mobile dental clinic to be memorable for these dentists as well as the residents of the Timo community.  We have easily elevated their status, as well as giving them a great opportunity to be project managers.(which needs work)

The contest is exciting and there are 8 winners, delicious chicken sandwiches and juice. Grace is said, followed by speeches from the dentists.  They are grateful for FPF, WCHF, the Canadian team, the translators, the cooks etc. A point is made that the contest will not be repeated, that the education is everybody's prize. We present them with a gift of high and slow speed hand pieces with motors, personal hygiene kits, and rechargeable head lamps. It is so admirable that they have given up a week of their time to serve the population of Timo without any remuneration.

There are more than 50 people, but everyone shares.  Music, dancing follow.  For our supper we have rice, bean sauce, eggplant ragu and juice.  The party finishes at 8:30.  Everyone is exhausted!!!!! Lights out at 9:00. Bonsoir.

Such a great finish.

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