Haiti Dental Mission: Day 6

Hello all,

Another great day today.  This is such a cohesive team.  Same community, same dentists, same volunteers, same interpreters.  It's been wonderful.  All the girls watched a gorgeous sunrise today.  

Phuong and I started clinic at 6:30.  Dr. Guichard and Gary (my Haitian trained hygienist) decide to run power cords all the way up from the school's solar power.  Unbelievable, and they make it work.  Super tough patients today.  I normally don't take any photos dentally, but asked permission from 2 patients today.  The decay is rampant and severe.  The tartar is unbelievably like cement.  Even with our ultrasonic cavitron units, it barely budges.  

They over heat often.  I inform a patient that if I scale his teeth, 2 will probably fall out. He says, OK. Did I mention that every patient has their wisdom teeth? Ugh!  As you could see from the previous photos, we stand hunched over, all day long.  Phuong has given me a massage and some take Robax.  Going to work next Tuesday will be a breeze.  

We have music, dancing and someone brings ice cream to clinic which I feed to our dentists while they are working.  The interpreters have fun with Phuong today.  They have taught her that after she has thanked her patient, then the patient replies, "Merite" (thank you), she is to say, "derrière"(butt).  The normal response is "de rien" (of nothing). She says this to a couple of people before I hear her and tell her what they have made her say.  Everyone laughs.  

Lunch is potatoes, plantains, with chicken and broth.  Stefan and Paul go with Danielle on a far hike to check on a terminally ill lady.  Even though Danielle mainly does education and development work, everyone in the valley knows that she is an ER nurse.  It is good for Stefan to see a regular Haitian home.  Clinic closes at 4:00.  

Supper is rice with beans, goat, and okra.  Delicious again.  The nail salon is open again, the kids work with clay, and all power is shut down at 9:00.  The solar cells hopefully will have better power tomorrow.  Good night and tomorrow is the last clinic day.

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