Haiti Dental Mission: Day 3

Bon jour tout le monde,

It has been a great day in Timo today.  Up at 6:00 ( 7.5 hours of sleep) and started the day with bananas, bread, PB&J, hot chocolate and coffee.

FPF has scheduled appointments for our patients so that people do not have to wait in long lineups.  We start with reviewing and practicing intra/ extra-oral cancer screenings, process of care, and anesthesia.  The education Power Point is being taught by the community health nurse, Benjii.  The contest will hopefully bring in many people from the community. 

Lunch is a beautiful squash polenta and sweet juice.  There is an improvement in the population's general dental health, but still soooo much decay and tartar on people's teeth. We finished the day at about 5:30 with a dental team meeting. The boys are already at the waterfalls. The girls have bucket baths again. Dinner is a thick bouillon with root vegetables.  Delicious!!

We are treated to sugarcane (our nemesis) and avocados. Belinda and Phuong open up their nail painting salon for the kids in the evening. Tomorrow the dentists will review and practice dental hygiene first thing in the morning. Bedtime is 9:30. Even with earplugs and Robax, I do not sleep well.  The frogs (which sound like ducks) are so loud. 

A demain.

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