Haiti Dental Mission: Day 1

Hey Everyone!

The day has finally arrived. Today we fly from Winnipeg to Minneapolis to Atlanta to Port au Prince. Very long travel day, but the first time that we can travel all in one day. No more overnights in Montreal or New York. We have 7, 60-70 lb suitcases, 1 portable dental unit, 4 large backpacks and 3 purses. Vaccinations, school notes, parental letter, humanitarian letter, anti-malaria medication, registration with travel Canada, partnered with some expert Tetris packing abilities and we're good to go. No stress there 

Myself, Phuong, Belinda and Stefan will meet up with Danielle, Alexia, Tim and Paul in Atlanta. A team of 8. We will stay at a l' hotel Quebec au Berge in Carrefour tonight, as it is unsafe to drive up to Timo tonight. Our Haitian team will pick us up at the airport.

Just another thank you to our sponsor and Fort Richmond Dental for donating some extra supplies that were much needed, Andrea from Dentsply for a cavitron, Gerri from Sinclair, and of course many of you for prizes for Power Point education contest. Without all the generosity, our journey would be more difficult.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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