A new mission group in Croix des Bouquets

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Hello everyone,

In 2014, WCHF and HHI decided to go in different directions; however, they remained working in the same community. WCHF was mainly focused on education, development and sustainability, and HHI continued to provide medical and dental clinics to the community of Timo twice a year. Phuong and I went into another direction. We decided to join an organization called Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis (HMMOM, www.haitimedicalmissionsofmemphis.org) and go to the community of Croix des Bouquets, just north of Port au Prince, and work out of a clinic/monastery called Clinique St. Espirit. I was able to find this organization searching through the internet, but confirming with…wait for it… Facebook! Yes, this anti-social media girl had to “borrow” her husband’s password.

There are so many organizations that show up on the internet, but so many no longer function. That’s generally what happens when such a tragic event occurs; a massive flood of volunteer organizations, only soon to fizzle out. We were fortunate to have our fellow hygiene colleague from Texas join us, Chelsea, as well as Megan and Sara, RDH’s from the USA on their first mission. Again, the complete unknown for us. 

I reached out to Dr. Pierre Plourde from the University of Manitoba (many of you have heard of him and his dedicated work), and managed to work with his local dentist, Dr. Jude, on Sunday that we were in Bon Repos (20 Haitian minutes away), as our clinic was closed on the weekend. Again, such a wonderful, awe-inspiring experience.

Enclosed are some photos.


Dominican Dentist Dr. JudeDental Mission Clinic

Dental Mission MoniqueDental Mission Selfie

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